Poetry in Motion

In Poetry on October 19, 2009 at 11:12 pm

Until about a month ago I hadn’t written any poetry for years but reading poetry is one of my secret joys.

For some reason a month or so ago (I won’t go into the details) I started writing poetry again.

Here are the some of the results of my recent labours; my poetry muscles are a bit rusty so excuse these efforts if they don’t meet your expectations.



I hope that you enjoy the poetry

It’s written here for all to see

What I can’t say, in any better way.


The images from Hubble were remarkable and having seen one particular image I was inspired to write the following.


Star within the stars

Star within the stars

In the Heavens ( Hubbles eye)

Beyond the veil of winter cloud

An unblinking eye sees, through Infinity.

A blazing star within the stars.


Written upon the occasion of a friend who really loves smoking trying to give up cigarettes even though they were going through some stressful times, failing, setting a new day for giving up then failing again.

No Smoking Sign

Life without cigarettes?

Be yourself, smile, be happy, and don’t worry about the cigarettes

Time will tell if your parting is to be today or never.

Who can say, what’s yet to come

What sweet caress or lovers touch?

Take your joy where you find it,

Enjoy your life and suck it dry.


To free yourself from paper chains

A worthy challenge, a heroes test

But do it when your arm is strong,

When you’re at peace, your mind at rest.


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