Use Ochams Razor

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"plurality should not be posited without necessity(Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate)."

  – William of Ockham (English philosopher and Franciscan monk )

Definition and historical explanation from the skeptics dictionary at  http://www.skepdic.com/occam.html
Like many Franciscans, William was a minimalist in this life, idealizing a life of poverty. What is known as Occam's razor was a common principle in medieval philosophy and was not originated by William, but because of his frequent usage of the principle, his name has become indelibly attached to it.
Occam's razor is also called the principle of parsimony. These days it is usually interpreted to mean something like "the simpler the explanation, the better" or "don't multiply hypotheses unnecessarily." In any case, Occam's razor is a principle which is frequently used outside of ontology, e.g., by philosophers of science in an effort to establish criteria for choosing from among theories with equal explanatory power. When giving explanatory reasons for something, don't posit more than is necessary.

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