Per amore la Luna -to love the moon ( Ode to Laluna )

In Poetry on October 21, 2009 at 11:14 pm
To love the Moon !

To love the Moon !

A friend told me about an adventure they had dancing in the moonlight my imagination got going and the poem below was the result.


Per amore la Luna -to love the moon ( Ode to Laluna )

Sweltering in the midnight haze

Drifting rain burst from the clouds,

Clear and fresh, through the darkness,

Sweet relief, from summers press .


Through the window, she spies the green-grass

As the rain comes falling down

Dazedly she thinks of dancing,

Dancing naked neath the moon.


Proudly naked like a newborn

She stepped into enfolding darkness,

Darkness warm upon her skin

Enlightened by moons, silver sheen.


Black hair floating all about her

A gossamer and tangled skein.

Burnished silver by the moonbeams

Enchanted sight, though sight unseen.


Midnight rain and summer breezes

touch her face, her arms, her flesh

Rills of sweet, new-water

Flowing like a Lovers sweet-caress.


Limbs made graceful by the moonlight

Eyes reflecting stars above

head uplifted, gently swaying

With the trees and midnight breeze.


To see her there is blissful torture to the man who’s passing by

While she continues gaily dancing

Unaware he sees her grace.

Eyes fixated, mind absorbed, her naked body, her smiling face.


In the years to come he will see her

Proudly naked neath the moon

Forever young and all beguiling

a fleeting moment , gone to soon.

(c) wrdeer


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