What is Diversity? And why does it matter?

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In many organisations managing diversity means making sure that people from different minority groups are present in the workplace and that they are treated fairly.

As it says Diversity expert in my profile I was asked to define what this term means to me:

Diversity means embracing, valuing and supporting difference.

The expert part I guess is a bit more troublesome , I hate to call myself an expert on  anything  but in simplistic terms it’s a way to say it’s a topic  that I have spent a lot of time working on and  thinking about.

I’ve written and delivered a range of training programmes on this topic for both large and small, public and private sector organisations  and it’s a subject I am passionate about.


I believe understanding diversity to be the single most important factor in any attempt to design a human resources system that can cope, never mind thrive on change.

If an organisations most valuable assets are its people then it is the commitment to understanding and addressing diversity that offers the greatest hope of making best use of those people.

Diversity offers organisations a way to simplify and unify initiatives in areas as diverse as quality, personal development, Communication, Team working  and procedures and processes.

We are all different an organisation that acknowledges and embraces this has the best chance to get the most out of us.


Diversity is not just a race issue, it’s important to everyone.

Embracing diversity should deliver positive business benefits not be seen as a drag on productivity.

Diversity compliments and updates equal opportunities. It’s about valuing differences, blending skills and competencies, each individual contributing to a richer more creative environment.

Workplace Diversity is about more than just race, gender, age, disability or any other particular category. It’s about understanding human difference at every level so that we can work more effectively together whoever we are.

Managing diversity is not about developing separate skills it’s about understanding yourself and respecting your colleagues. It’s about developing effective business and interpersonal skills and processes.  In short it’s about becoming an effective and improving manager, co-worker or team member.

Understanding diversity legislation and its impacts on an organisation is important but best practice is about more than this.  The aim should always be to meet the requirements of legislation in ways that make your organisation more not less effective.

Learning how to make diversity best practice part of your everyday life is in my opinion one of the most advantageous and developmental decisions anyone can take.

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