Climate change the religion ?

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2009 at 1:51 pm
Man uses diversity legislation to win wrongful dismissal claim based on his belief in man made climate change.

I believe from the evidence I've heard/seen that man has a major impact on the environment and that we need to do something to address it. 

I do not believe that using legislation aimed at guaranteeing freedom of religion is the way to address organisations who don take their responsibilities seriously ( I mean come on freedom of religion or belief ! seriously).

Surely if society is going to address systemic issues like climate  we can't have this kind of legislative maneuver  being perceived as an adequate solution.

The diversity legislation wasn't brought in with this kind of thing in mind and it s not a reasonable way to deal with a company not  living up to its responsibilities.

It's Good for the guy getting the compensation but not a good sign for the rest of us, the company doesn't have to change their ways  and the diversity legislation is demeaned. 

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