Embracing Constraints

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Life’s full of constraints, imposed by time, by customers by money etc.

Constraints hem us in and hold us back they stop us doing what we want.

It’s important to realise that this isn’t always a bad thing.

Test the boundaries first

When we are faced by constraints we should double check to see that they are real.
Make sure it isn’t our own assumptions that are holding us back or that the assumptions of our client, customers etc aren’t becoming unnecessarily fixed.
The trick is to only embrace hard constraints, there is no point jumping through unnecessary hoops.
It’s surprising how many people design solutions that meet a perceived rather than proven constraint or requirement.

If constraints are real then embrace them

At other times you really do face constraints that can’t be overcome.  

In these instances if you let the constraints lead you, they can take you to some amazing places.

Examples from Architecture.

Room with a view

Constraints: small trapezoid plot,limited view of the park. Requirement for shade to make the most of the views.

Twisted house

Constraints: Tiny misshapen plot sandwiched between two larger properties that overlook the space and block the light.


Private neighbours

Constraints: Tiny plot with limited planning permission. Moratorium on windows that can see into the adjoining properties. Limited access to light.



Inspiration for this post comes from

PSFK post on Japanese architecture

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