Creating a culture that can thrive in an environment of continual change.

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Diversity,quality and change

I was asked to expand on what I meant by Quality in respect to diversity and explain a little bit more about Efficacy, Efficiency and Effectiveness so here goes.

How do you create an organisational culture that can cope with continual change? The answer is by embracing diversity.

People change, their abilities change and their circumstances change. 

If you have an organisational culture that embraces this you have an organisation that is adaptable, makes the most of its employees (from whatever background) and is open to new possibilities.

Focus on diversity to drive, direct and inspire positive continuous change.

  • Diversity can give meaning to a change or quality drive. 
  • Focusing on Diversity provides a target making a difficult concept more easily definable.
  • A Diversity focus can help the permanent drive to improve quality ( both personally and organisationally).
It’s important that everyone has a clear concept of quality otherwise they can’t realistically be expected to improve. 
This means having clear definitions and if possible measurable quantities. 
In addition, feedback is vital. People need to know what the results of their efforts are in the real world.  

One popular way of analysing and understanding quality is to use the three E’s

  • Efficacy – how well something does its job
  • Efficiency – how efficiently it gets done in terms of time, money and resources
  • Effectiveness – how well it achieves overall objectives (is it doing the right job?)

The three E’s help you keep a broad diversity friendly focus when setting your quality objectives or targets.

More efficient shouldn't mean less human. A process, procedure or activity can’t really be truly effective if it excludes, discriminates or fails to take advantage of the diversity in the workforce. 

(C) You can take what I say, quote it, use it and reproduce it, but don’t steal it, thanks Warren

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