The Madness of war- Taliban paid to escort allied force supply trucks.

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Afghanistan, insurgent held country, miles of barren rocky terrain to cover however could we hope to get supply trains through unmolested?

Simple, pay the Taliban to escort the trucks, no one in their right mind is going to mess with them.

Image from the guardian article

Supplying bases is outsourced to contractors both US and local.  It’s up to the individual companies to get the supplies through hostile terrain.

One problem, contractors aren’t allowed to carry anything bigger than an ak-47 (which is classed as small arms in Afghanistan). When the insurgents have a full arsenal of Kalashnikovs and RPG’s there is really only going to be one winner in a fire fight.  

 “For the most part, the security firms do as they must to survive. A veteran American manager in Afghanistan who has worked there as both a soldier and a private security contractor in the field told me, "What we are doing is paying warlords associated with the Taliban, because none of our security elements is able to deal with the threat."


He is an army veteran with years of Special Forces experience, and he is not happy about what is being done. He says that, at a minimum, American military forces should try to learn more about who is getting paid off. "Most escorting is done by the Taliban," an Afghan private security official told me. He is a Pashto and former mujahideen commander who has his finger on the pulse of the military situation and the security industry. And he works with one of the trucking companies carrying US supplies. "Now the government is so weak," he added, "everyone is paying the Taliban."


To Afghan trucking officials, this is barely even something to worry about. One woman I met was an extraordinary entrepreneur who had built up a trucking business in this male-dominated field. She told me the security company she had hired dealt directly with Taliban leaders in the south. Paying the Taliban leaders meant they would send along an escort to ensure that no other insurgents would attack. In fact, she said, they just needed two armed Taliban vehicles. "Two Taliban is enough," she told me. "One in the front and one in the back." She shrugged. "You cannot work otherwise. Otherwise it is not possible."   “-Aram Roston THE NATION

Hey with this kind of joined up thinking the war will be over in no time ( deep.. deep ..sigh!)

This is an example both of the blindness of bureaucracy and the stupidity of outsourcing something as essential as military supply to local market competition (Surely the security of the convoys at least, should be mission critical?)

Without even getting into a discussion about the war you have the situation here where you increase supply to get ready for a push to drive back an enemy force that results in you bankrolling that same enemy force to make sure they in turn are well supplied for the fight.

There is a full article on this over at the guardian.

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