Academics Wired in Leeds

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 9:43 pm
Academic conference on the wire.

I always thought the Wire was an education for anyone that watched it but damn…..

Lessons learned

Works analysing The Wire include:

• A Man Must Have a Code: The Masculine Ethics of Snitching and Non-snitching – Thomas Ugelvik, University of Oslo

• The Writers' Room as Fiction-making Laboratory: The Wire as Sociotechnical Translation – John Farnsworth and Terry Austrin, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

• Non Text-based Sociology: The Wire and its Relationship to Public Sociology and Progress – Rowland Atkinson, University of York

• Ethics of the Real: Screening Masculinity, Violence and the Racial Everyday in The Wire – Ashwani Sharma, University of East London

• Music Supervision and The Wire: A Case Study in Ambient Naturalism – Jon Stewart, Lancaster University

• What The Wire Showed by Not Showing: The Invisibility of Domestic Violence in Disordered Neighbourhoods: Enrique Garcia, University of Valencia

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