Get wise to getting meta

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2009 at 10:14 pm

Today Seth grodin is talking about getting meta

Getting meta

Wikipedia contains facts about facts. It's a collection of facts from other places. Facebook doesn't have your friends. It has facts about your friends. Google is at its best when it gives you links to links, not the information itself.


Over and over, the Internet is allowing new levels of abstraction. Information about information might be worth more than the information itself. Which posts should I read? Which elements of the project are at risk? Who is making the biggest difference to the organization? Right now, there's way too much stuff and far too little information about that stuff. Sounds like an opportunity.

I agree, but I don't like the description. To me it's not about getting meta its about getting wise.

I don't think it's necessarily anything new we are after here. The social networking tools we have already allow us to sift and filter trusted sources and and meta information of all kinds. I think the opportunity lies not in a new tool or service but in the wise use of the social networks we already have.

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