More on charter of compassion: Building an ethical global community

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"One of the most urgent tasks of our generation is to build a global community, where men and women of all races, nations and ideologies can live together in peace" – Karen Armstrong

I've been meaning to blog about the charter for compassion for a while, one of my twitter friends (Mikhail Lyubansky) is referring people to the charter for compassion today so I thought i'd post about it as well.

The charter is  an attempt to start a worldwide ethical movement initially though social media and web technologies using the shared idea of compassion as a bridge between religions,secular communities and compassionate individuals of all kinds.

The charter is the brain child of Karen Armstrong a former catholic nun turned religious historian who has published over 20 books on the commonalities and underlying shared philosophies of world religions

Bishop Desmond tutu is a personal hero of mine so I first started paying attention to this after he got involved.
Karen recently spoke at Teds and she got some positive coverage in the mainstream media during November 2009 (e.g. CNN ) and some negative coverage (e.g. Guardian)

At the heart of the charter is the idea of embracing the golden rule as a shared philosophy and using modern technologies to network. 

The charter is non directive and the true aims and long terms objectives are supposed to be emergent. By getting ethical people to sign up and discuss their common ground the plan is that  they can then find ways to work together and tackle some of the worlds pressing problems.

This idea of focusing on the golden rule as a common ground for interfaith dialogue is not new. The media profile and the types of tools being deployed however are. It's not the originality of the message but the creation of the network that's key. 

The charter isn't perfect but I do think its worthy of serious attention, and if it manages to build momentum who knows.

I will blog a little bit more about this tomorrow.


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