Under-appreciating diversity: Black quarter backs get paid less

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2009 at 9:35 pm
One of this years reheated articles in the sports section  of the NYtimes ideas annual , plucks out the stat that black quarterbacks in the NFL are under-appreciated.

The article isn't raising the cry of racism here so much as a failure to observe what increasing the diversity of quarterbacks has brought to the table.

The key is that owners do not fairly compensate quarterbacks who are good at running the ball in addition to throwing it. Using 35 years of data, Berri and Simmons found that while white quarterbacks, on average, run with the ball on only 6.7 percent of their plays, gaining a measly 7.3 yards per game, black quarterbacks run, on average, 11.3 percent of the time and gain 19.4 rushing yards per contest.


In other words, many black quarterbacks tend to be good runners as well as good passers. And quarterbacks are not paid for the rushing yards they produce.

Perhaps that's because the quarterback rating — the N.F.L.'s gold standard for evaluating quarterbacks statistically — does not include rushing yards as one of its four components. The formula considers only completions, passing yards, touchdowns and interceptions. Thus "a key offering" of many black quarterbacks, write Berri and Simmons, "is ignored."

A more diverse workforce means new ways of thinking,doing and measuring. 
Its not just about fairness it's about effectiveness.
When it comes to working out what makes the team or the organisation more effective, you have to be measuring the right things.

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