Living effectively:The 4 steps to Lean Living

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Lean living is the philosophy of urban ascetic as it applies to lifestyle. 
In essence living more effectively with less and being happy.

Practical advice for Lean living 
  1. Eat less: seriously do you have to eat all those biscuits, every day? (don’t have more on your plate than you are going to eat)
  2. Buy less: you want it but do you need it? (buy less of everything )
  3. Want less: Brands, gadgets, games and bling, doing without while getting more done.(Avoid branded goods unless you know they add real value. Decide what you really want, you will want other stuff less) 
  4. Exercise more: Plan for a minimum of 15 minutes six days a week (walking is a beginning, alternate one day intensive one day active)

Lean Living: 

  • will make you healthier, happier and will improve your ability to work and play harder 
  • will improve your cash reserves giving you more resources to pursue what matters.
  • means living a sustainable happy life based on what you need rather than what you want. 
  • is not about suffering or doing without, it's about making the most of what you have. 
You wil find more detailed advice over at: Urban Ascetic.

Remember lean living is for life not just for Christmas 😉

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