Earn a living WITH your art/Devoted to passion worth the pain/Living Art; easier said than done.#sixwords #poetry

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2010 at 5:51 pm
I was trying to write a short poem on twitter that expressed the idea of a life worth living. 

Using the self imposed rules of #sixwords.

This means that each fragment must be only six words, and make sense as a statement that communicates something meaningful on its own. 
A good one will contain more meaning then it appears to, promoting reflection and insight (similar to a koan ).

To me #sixwords is a western from of haiku. 
I try to write them quickly in one burst of thought if possible.
I find the form useful for sharpening my language skills and improving my ability to express ideas concisely.
As always with me it's a less is more kind of thing.

The final piece is below, it works I think but I have to count it a failure.

*Complete Commitment (a life worth living)*

Earn a living with your art-
Devoted to passion worth the pain.

Find your heart, make your life.

Living Art; easier said than done, 
but…. for every loss; a battle won. 

The but near the end means its not quite within the rules.
I could cheat and take the but out but as a poem I think it doesn't quite have the same resonance.

ahhh well "so close and yet so faraway..#sixwords" 😉

better luck next time…….

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