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Ready for work in five minutes #sixwords

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found this via: I Geek Creativity 

Ok I admit this may be taking things a bit far 
but worth a watch as much for the audience reactions as the speedy morning techniques 😉

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Some culture for the new year – Chinese classical music virtuosos tour the UK

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Image via Zhang Cuiying

I'm not a big fan of adverts but I do make the odd recommendation now and again
I'll get my disclosures done right away, my friend is running this.

She is however very good at what she does and I know for a fact she's put her heart and soul into making this tour a happen.

Forget the dragon dancers, see the Chinese new year in with a taste of culture instead.
It's very rare for Chinese musicians of this calibre to play a full concert programme of the very best Chinese music in the UK.  
So if you are a classical or world music fan this will be a must see.
If you have any free time over the next few days and you are near any of the venues I would recommend a visit.

Birmingham Conservatoire  Saturday 13th Feb   www.birminghamboxoffice.com 

Aberystwyth Arts Centre  Sunday 14th Feb      www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/

London St. John Concert Hall (Near Westminster Abbey)Tuesday 16th Feb    www.sjss.org.uk

Swansea Grand Theatre Thursday 18th Feb   www.swanseagrand.co.uk

Eastbourne Congress Theatre Friday 19th Feb   www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk

If you want to find out more 

Her company is on twitter as:  @mslperformance

MsL Performing Arts Exchange



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Worldwide bank tax, hope or hoax ? #sixwords

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It's not a silver bullet solution (more of a sticking plaster) but it would raise a lot of cash for something if it was implemented.

The main problems as I understand it are to do with the necessity for global adoption.
The US would need to opt in as would financial centrers in the east (and middle east) before it would be feasible. 
Even a small Tobin tax would however raise pretty huge sums.
Who gets this cash and how its dispersed would be another contentious issue. 

This plan would not begin to address the societal disconnect between the world of high finance and the real world but it would be one way of tweaking the current system to provide some additional potential benefits.

Despite the face validity of the idea (bankers make an easy target at the moment) it's worth noting that many banks would pass these costs on to customers where possible so it would  turn into a  rather broader tax than advertised.  

Something with legs or hokum ?

I'd be interested to know what anyone else thinks ?

A summary article and incipient discussion starting over at the guardian 

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Everything we create’s delivered in beta #sixwords

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Interesting video on collaborative design

Found this vid via:  Swiss miss

I'm a big fan of prototyping , future workshops and new models of collaborative development.
When I spent the majority of my time as a  lead learning designer I put a lot of credence in the idea of the multidisciplinary skunk-works. A creative collaborative workshop making rough functional ideas and prototypes that would then be refined for more mainstream production and consumption.  With the advent of the social web and more open development norms it looks like this may be an idea whose time has come. 

I know for sure about its power, when it works it really works but who wll be giving up  their  ideas and who will be benefiting  from the end results? 

It will be fascinating to see if this movement can survive or flourish in our litigious ownership obsessed world. 

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Listen, when something speaks – Hope sparks #sixwords #poetry

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A critic spoke 
Relating hope to a light is trite 
It's been done, so obvious they said

That can't be right 
Was my reply, why leave a reader asking why ?
With a tortured metaphor when something speaks 

* Hope Sparks *

Many people have the wrong idea about hope 
They believe it's a possession of the weak and in our cynical times the foolish;
Something to comfort the downtrodden

They coudln't be more wrong 

Hope is for the hopeful
Hope is given as a gift to those already filled
Hope is the bright quiet friend of the well-to-do
There at the beginning of lifes golden roads
Its small light, simply overlooked

If dulled, if bereft, if fight has fled, then what hope for hope ?
Hope, child of inspiration and brother to dreams, thrives on possibility 
It cannot spring from barren land
Once we find the room for growth, the space to breathe, hope will live

And once alive, it can save us

No matter how deep, there it is at the bottom of the well
A light to shine, enough to re-invigorate
The pheonix spark, to start again
To have it, means you can be defeated but not forever 

And the thing about hope is, it can be shared.

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*There but for the grace of …* #sixwords #poetry

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There but for the grace
is true

Because you are me and I am you

With Different body, different clothes
With wrinkled face or painted toes

We are all the same inside, even when we try to hide

Our souls are one, our hearts are too
No matter what we put them through 

So judge more slowly or withhold your ire
When someone sets your plans afire

It's you

With different dress and different face
 Another member of the race

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Embrace and develop your unique abilities #sixwords

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Most scalable business models reduce work life to the replicable.
Quality where possible when it's repeatable.

Repeatable is OK but it will never find the best in us.
The things that make us excel are our differences.

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