Listen, when something speaks – Hope sparks #sixwords #poetry

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 at 10:46 pm
A critic spoke 
Relating hope to a light is trite 
It's been done, so obvious they said

That can't be right 
Was my reply, why leave a reader asking why ?
With a tortured metaphor when something speaks 

* Hope Sparks *

Many people have the wrong idea about hope 
They believe it's a possession of the weak and in our cynical times the foolish;
Something to comfort the downtrodden

They coudln't be more wrong 

Hope is for the hopeful
Hope is given as a gift to those already filled
Hope is the bright quiet friend of the well-to-do
There at the beginning of lifes golden roads
Its small light, simply overlooked

If dulled, if bereft, if fight has fled, then what hope for hope ?
Hope, child of inspiration and brother to dreams, thrives on possibility 
It cannot spring from barren land
Once we find the room for growth, the space to breathe, hope will live

And once alive, it can save us

No matter how deep, there it is at the bottom of the well
A light to shine, enough to re-invigorate
The pheonix spark, to start again
To have it, means you can be defeated but not forever 

And the thing about hope is, it can be shared.

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