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You too are a broken Messiah? #sixwords #poetry

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I am only a broken messiah
A leaky vessel bearing precious oils

A soothing balm fresh with life
It is yours for the asking

Bring your cup I will share


I will not be a trophy #sixwords Telling tarnished tales of yesterdays glories #poetry …

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I will not be a trophy
Telling tarnished tales of yesterdays glories
Conforming to old moulds of glamour
Pressed, preened and shined to show
Glittering display ~  Fit for a cabinet 

Disreputable and ragged I'll journey on
Today's truth and sorrow my reward

Less living space ~ Made to measure #sixwords

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Less is more philosophy married to a functional yet pleasing aesthetic.

Imagined promise of a moments sweetness #sixwords And in answer, a lovers touch #poetry

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Some words for you to keep between your secret diary pages

To remind you later of fragrant days 

When love was fresh and still untasted 

A rembered smile  an imagined touch

knowing in your heart that you were desired 

and wanting more.

Must have been an idea floating in the aether wrote this the other day ;) @InVinceWil #poetry

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Every life worth living is lived in opposition 
To those who serve the staus quo ~ regardless of the cost
Though you may fume and plan for vengeance,
don't risk your calling to bring low those whose jealous malacies constrain 

Time will supply them justice
To Live well is enough
But if your soul will not rest without reply  
Don't fret and force, perhaps to leave your tasks undone 

It were better that you
write a book of grudges
Page by page filled with hate and bile
Every sin recorded, every slight rewarded with equal pain
and when filled read it and devour every line and remember…

Then simply burn it and forget.