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Charlie Brooker lets rip on Gadaffi

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Funny but not fluffy so beware if you're offended by strong language.

Hmmm I my have to start watching 10 o'clock live again.

Found via boing boing.


Free your Self from busy thinking #sixwords Walk into the world and SEE #poetry #creativity #cleese

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In my dim and distant past I used to work for the Cleese founded company video arts, good to see he's still on form.
Insightful little video about creativity. 

Space and time to think and breath is a necessity not a nicety. 

Promoting Creativity 
  • Create boundaries of space and time
  • Let your subconscious work (Sleep on it)
  • Once you've created space, use constraints to drive delivery
"To know how good you are at something requires the same skills as it does to be good at that thing, which means if you are hopeless at something you lack the skills to know that you are hopeless… This explains a great deal of life  … particularly Hollywood" -John Cleese

Don't Kill Creativity
  • Be careful about the creativity you kill because you don't understand what you're killing.
  • Be aware, most people don't know when they don't know
  • Know what you are good at, belief alone is not enough (what evidence do you have?) 
  • Be sure you are really qualified to kill or claim an idea
Vid found via Annie Colbert Via NeuroNarrative.

Persistent oversimplification and outright lies prevail #sixwords

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Forget your dreams forget your plans… #sixwords

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A Poem of Forgetting

Forget your dreams
Forget your plans
Let your expectations drift away

For you have found it
and to hold it

All must be made anew