One Percent

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2011 at 8:22 pm

I was asked to take part in a G+ poetry slam. 
I challenged myself to see what I could come up with by way of  new stuff on short notice this was my first attempt and I didn’t use it but I thought i’d post it rather than bin it.
It’s a little whimsical

*One Percent*

Just 1% of people have the money and the power
They’ve got away with it for years but now things are turning sour

We sit in stunned silence at the advent of their greed
We scarce believe the inhumanity
     that could so disregard the need

Of so many
In place of the gratification of so few

It seems to me
          and I’m sure no doubt, it seems the same to you
                   That maybe we should be trying something better, attempting something new?

Well, Socialism’s off the cards
                               and the communists are Bust
Democracy’s all the rage, but that’s certainly not US

Capitalism’s what got us here and so we’d better not
Aristocracy and monarchy well they’re, sooner best forgot

Fascism and dictatorships, management by the Church… non of them did the job I’m not sure which of “Them” is worse

So what’s left , there’s really not much else
Unless that is we truly want a change
                                                      and decide to Share the Wealth

What’s this you say, and give away half of what we’ve got?
It doesn’t sound to promising, but what the hell, we’ll try, why not

I’ll give some up and share it with my fellow man  
       not to make a profit but just because I can

Maybe without division, with one market for us all
We’ll begin to see the worth of man and maybe stem the fall

If we set the common ground for the dignity of man,
            before we start the race for riches (each doing what he can)

If first we eat and shelter and everyone gets taught,
             then we start the race to see, that each’s getting what they ought

Profit as reward for service, in the common good
      Each company competing but being punished for not acting like they should

Where double dealing cheaters are made to feel like fools
With prison terms and chastisements for those who break the rules

With politicians, working to represent
“Our views”
              Rather than serving the vested interest
                                                   that pays and turns the screws

“Wow I’m hearing what your saying It really sounds quite grand
With love and brotherhood and apple pie throughout the land
What’s stopping us, lets get started, it seems we have a plan?”

Well we would, if we could, but it seems we need permission from the 1%, before we can?


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