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A simple way: Progress without delusion #sixwords #philosophy

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A Way

A simple way:  Progress without delusion 

Time spent in contemplation is not wasted
Emptiness is not barren
Stillness is not without purpose

To find yourself 
You must first forget yourself
Who is there to compete with?
In the end there is only You.

Standing here, debating there
We forget ~ Words are only tools
Experience teaches
You're complete before you start 

To realise your true self is to find something greater within
and to realise your place without

You must care but remain carefree

Anger is to lose yourself, to less instead of more

Greed is to set yourself apart and then to reach for extra
To find increase in increase  to desire desire
Forgetting what you always had and disregarding what you need 
This way you will never have enough

To love selfishly is to claim someone else's attention as your right 
To love unselfishly is to give all that you have without restraint
To mistake love for a possession is not the way

Dispense with delusion ~ Nothing else, matters

Despite what they say
In-spite of what they do
(I'll tell you something that you always knew)
You were born free.