About Me: Determined, creative, eclectic, thoughtful, passionate. Sometimes disorganised and distractable.

Image of warren 2009

Image of Warren 2009

Warren Deer




Activities: Reading, Writing, Watching films, learning stuff, lots of stuff….. Computer games when I get the chance mostly WOW at the moment. Football (big Man U fan), I used to be into sport (football basketball, martial arts) but since I snapped my Achilles I have been slacking in this department although I still try to stay in fairly decent  shape.

Interests: People, Philosophy, Thinking, Learning Design, Diversity, Education, Film, IT, Problem solving, Business.

Favorite Music: Miles, Marley and Marvin with a bit of Mozart thrown in. In truth I like a lot of stuff. I would add a bit of RB and Rap to the above list but I coudln’t think of a rapper beginning with M that i like quite as much.  Im quite into 70’s sould and funk at the minute with Bill Withers being my number one pick at the moment.

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons (Boring I know but I do love the little yella fellas), southpark, 24(the early series), The blue planet and other David Attenborough masterpieces, The office, Scrubs, Malcolm in Middle, anything to do with design (grand designs, etc) I also enjoy documentaries plus the odd bit of weirdness e.g buffy, Dr who, The 4400 … In old school terms Kung Fu (the original series was just fantastic), and I love well written comedy Monty python, Blackadder, Fraiser, Porridge etc. My favourite series as a kid were Chorlton and the Wheelies (you had to be there) and Monkey magic.

Favorite Movies: 2001 A space odyssey, Dr Zhivago, The Godfather (1 &2), Apocolypse now, Once upon a time in the west, The good the bad and the Ugly, Citizen Kane, Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, Blade runner, Alien(s), Gilda, The Maltese falcon, Casablanca, Cyrano De Bergerac, Lawrence of arabia, The Shawshank redemption, Princess Mononoke, The wizard of Oz, Groudhog day, It’s a wonderful life, My fair lady, Blazing saddles. (Just a selection these aren’t in order of preferece, hell I would really struggle to do that.)

Favorite Books: To kill a Mocking bird, Dickens, Blake, Yeats, Pride and prejudice, Jane Eyre, The lord of the rings was a favourite as a youngster (it’s still good)…. Recently I’m into Updike and Neal Stephenson. Just the light reading above im also into philosophy and the likes of Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Heidigger etc and organisational and systems thinking so Checkland, Beer, Argyris, Schon etc. From a work perspective, Dewey, Mager, Knowles, Vygotsky, Bruner and Schank have had lot of influence on my thinking.

Favorite Quotations:

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Einstein

“If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it ?” – Dogen

“Doh !”  – Homer Simpson


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